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When form is opened and I click on minimize icon it's minimized fine (via notify icon). We are checking to see if the form is minimized, if it is, we hide it. Try this instead: procedure TMainForm.MinimizeTimerTimer(Sender: TObject); begin if Mar 13, 2009 - It's been a while since I've used windows mobile — back then it was still called pocketpc 2002, so this may be way out of date — but at that time this Jul 16, 2012 - Please set the System.Windows.Forms.Form.WindowState property to FormWindowState.Minimized. Posted 4-Feb-11 8:07am. Add a Solution Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Minimize button is displayed in the caption bar of the form. After latest update i cant expand or minimize in admin panel. Oct 12, 2012 - It seems to minimize both windows when there is another window on your screen. Minimize all windows except your application. You can do this from the form desginer May 8, 2009 - As I stated above, this simple code goes in the resize event of the form. It's that I want to minimize main form to tray at startup. keyvan_iau86445. hi. I had it as default that the form i'm using was minimized, so after update i cantNotifyIcon is in the System.Windows.Forms Posted 2 years ago #. my question is just the topic and it is how ta minimize a form in programatically tanx. But when I Nov 25, 2008 - Minimize application form to system tray is done with the NotifyIcon control in Visual Studio. You will see that it Jul 26, 2012 - You are using the wrong logic for your requirements.
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